March 22nd, 9:30 PM

Today my Journey at the DB2′s Got Talent 2013, International Technical Contest on DB2 comes to an end. I presented a best practice topic on Virtual Database Administration. But due to the low number of votes and good presentations during the March 15th show and today I couldn’t make it to the TOP 4 this year. Surprisingly, I did not feel lost – Usually it happens to me all the time when I come this close at winning and loose it by an inch. In fact the disappointment was instantly overruled by the immense joy that I have experienced ever since the contest flagged off. They say – ” Excel, success comes automatically ” – That’s exactly what this show had in line for all the contestants. I would like to thank you all for making it possible for me to reach this far. This show has given me the ” confidence ” to explore, learn, present, connect with people, blog, and the list goes on. I will make it a point to share my day to day experiences with DB2 on z systems here. I can now confidently present DB2 topics at my work, I have got a lot of requests from my colleagues to present at DB2 info sharing sessions already and will continue to do so as long as I am DB2 DBA for z/OS. Thanks to DB2′s got talent which brought the ‘ ME ‘ in me. Being amongst the top 5 at an international contest is one of the proudest moment of my life.

The Host – Scott Hayes, It wouldn’t have been possible without him. If you attend the DB2 Night shows – you will exactly feel the same.

The judges – Susan Visser, Klaas Brant, Martin Hubel are exceptional and are responsible for bringing up fresh waves in the ocean of DB2

 Last but not the least I wish the TOP 4 – Ember, Eric, Chris & Mohan the very best – These guys rock on DB2

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